Anderson University - Software Research Center

Package Tracker - Developed software in C#.NET to meet the requirements of the Mail Center. Software enables users to scan incoming packages, query for packages in the system, notify recipients of package arrival and allow recipients to sign for their packages.

Master Schedule Composer - Added functionality to software developed in house for the Registrar's Office. Enables the Registrar's Office in conjunction with the Department Chairs to create the master schedule of classes for each semester for the entire university.

Enrollment Verification - Developed a web application to replace the paper forms used by the faculty to track class attendance in order to comply with government regulations.

Web consulting - Performed some consulting work for various clients including and

University of Notre Dame - Summer REU

Photocast - Contributed code and implemented new features such as GPS tagging to a research project with Dr. Christian Poellabauer.

University of Notre Dame

Biocompute - Contributed a module for running SSAHA in a distributed computing environment through our campus bioinformatics portal.

Scalable Assembly at Notre Dame (SAND) - Contributed code and to a significant rewrite of the code in preparation for the submission of a journal paper.